Teen Summer Bucket List

teen summer bucket list at the beachSummer break is here! What fun things do you have planned? Of course there will be sleeping in! Other than catching up on sleep, what’s on your Teen Summer Bucket List? It’s a good idea to start making a list of things to do this summer. Writing things down is the best way to make things happen!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Beach Party! Plan a beach party with your friends. If you go in the afternoon, you can have a few hours of time to play in the sun, then enjoy a beautiful sunset. Perfect content for your Instagram feed! Don’t forget the marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. S’mores at the bonfire!
  2. YouTube – Are you a YouTuber? Summer break is the perfect time to knock out some content for your channel. Create a list of episodes that you would like to create. Put those episodes on a calendar. However many you want to create, whether it’s daily, weekly, or every other week, it’s good to have consistent content so that your audience can come back for more and your channel will grow. You can even shoot a bunch of episodes and publish them on a regular basis. Or if you enjoy watching YouTube, now’s your chance to watch as many episodes as you’d like!
  3. Room Decor – Do you enjoy DIY crafts and room decor? It’s a new season! Create your summer paradise bedroom!
  4. Pool time! Lounge at the pool with your friends!
  5. Boba time! Grab a boba milk tea with a friend or make your own at home!
    teen summer bucket list boba time
  6. Starbucks – if bubble teas are not your thing, then how about a Starbucks? There are new menu items for summer, including shave ice treats with espresso, tropical white tea or strawberry lemon limeade!
    teen summer bucket list Starbucks
  7. Indoor camping sleepover! Bring the tent into the living room and have an epic sleepover! Paint your nails, have facials, watch movies on Netflix. Stay up all night! After this summer, school will start and you will be a new Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior in high school or college. Enjoy spending time with your friends and make some memories!
    teen summer bucket list camping sleepover
  8. For your sleepover… have a make-your-own Waffle Bar! Waffles, fresh fruit, syrup, Nutella, whipped cream and anything else you can think of to top your waffles and create your yummy dish.
    teen summer bucket list waffle bar
  9. Rent bikes at the beach! It’s so fun to ride on the boardwalk and enjoy the day.
  10. Disneyland!! Who doesn’t love Disneyland? Go with one friend or a bunch of friends, and enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth.
    teen summer bucket list Disneyland
  11. Do you have a sibling? It’s hard to spend time with them during the school year. Make time for your little brother or sister, or if you have an older sibling, ask them to take a walk with you on the beach or get some ice cream together. One day you’ll be adults in the real world and will be very busy. Spend as much time together as you can during your school breaks!
    teen summer bucket list siblings
  12. Shopping at the mall! Hopefully you will have some of your own money saved or you can do some chores around the house for extra shopping money. Now’s your chance to spruce up your wardrobe with Summer clothes and when school’s about to start, you can shop for Fall clothes. Don’t forget to get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. You’ll be happy with more space in your closet and you can donate to charity.
  13. Create a succulent garden! Visit your local home and garden store (like Home Depot) and pick out some cute little succulents!
    teen summer bucket list succulent garden
  14. Enjoy a sunset. More content for your Instagram feed!
    teen summer bucket list sunset
  15. Finding Nemo was your childhood. You know you want to see Finding Dory!! Coming to theaters Friday, June 17, 2016!
  16. Dollar Movie Theater – See a movie that you missed in the theaters and catch it at the Dollar Movie Theater. Most cities have a dollar theater. In Irvine, visit the AMC Woodbridge 5. Ticket prices there is only $3.99!
  17. Spend a day UNPLUGGED. That’s right. Unplugged. No phones, texting, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube. Leave your phone and go for a hike, have some face to face time, just talking with your friends and family. Play board games. Go to the park and enjoy the swings. Relive your childhood, when times were simple and not every moment was captured with a camera. Do something amazing and see how much fun you can have without your phone!
    teen summer bucket list unplugged
  18. Summer Carnival! In Orange County, California, we have the OC Fair every summer. Lots of rides, games to play, try to win a giant stuffed animal, enjoy cotton candy and watch a concert!
    teen summer bucket list summer carnival oc fair
  19. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) – Lots of interesting things to see at LACMA. The Urban Lights exhibit is located right outside and you don’t even have to pay for admission to the museum. If you are in the area and just want to stop by for a photo, it’s the perfect place for that!
    teen summer bucket list LACMA
  20. Tie Dye shirts – Make some tie dye shirts. It’s a fun activity and there are lots of different techniques to try. Check out Tie Dye Your Summer’s website for ideas!
  21. Photo Shoot – Have a photo shoot with your friends. You can take fabulous photos of each other for your feed.
  22. The Beach – We mentioned beach party at the top of this list. Just hanging out at the beach is fun. Bring your boogie board, surfboard and other beach toys!
    teen summer bucket list the beach
  23. Homemade ice cream – make your own ice cream at home! Try any of these 60 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes on Cute DIY Projects.com!
  24. Have a water balloon fight! Load up an ice chest filled with water balloons and head for the park with your friends. Having a water balloon fight is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day!
  25. Georgetown Cupcakes in LA – Have you ever been to Georgetown Cupcakes? If you are ever near the Beverly Center, you are close! Look them up. Their cupcakes are beautiful and delicious! Here’s their Instagram feed.
    georgetown cupcakes instagram
  26. Create a Summer Bucket List Jar! Write down all your ideas on individual pieces of paper. Decorate a mason jar and drop all your ideas in there. Whenever you’re ready to have a fun day, pick something out of your jar! Have a great summer!
    summer bucket list jar