Healthy Breakfast Instant Steel Cut Oatmeal

healthy breakfast steel cut oatmealHealthy Breakfast: Instant Steel Cut Oatmeal

Life gets very busy. You roll out of bed, gather your thoughts and move quickly to get out the door, hoping you remembered everything you need for the day. But did you remember to eat a healthy breakfast? That is the single most import thing you should to do take care of yourself. Your body needs fuel to function, physically and mentally. If you don’t eat, your body panics and begins to store fat. You can’t think straight when you are hungry either. So do your body a favor and never skip breakfast!

Here’s a quick and easy breakfast that’s so healthy and delicious!

What you’ll need:

  • Better Oats Oat Revolution! Steel Cut Instant Oatmeal (or any brand)
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk (or soy milk, coconut milk, regular milk, low-fat milk, any milk or non-dairy beverage)
  • Fresh Strawberries (you can also add blueberries, raspberries, any berry you’d like!)
  • Honey (organic raw honey is best but any honey will do)

healthy breakfast instant steel cut oatmeal

The beauty of Instant Steel Cut Oat Meal is that it’s fast. It takes only 2 minutes to prepare and a couple of more minutes to add your favorite things! The non-instant kind will require you to boil water, then simmer for 25 minutes.

Easy steps to prepare:

  1. Rip open the top of the steel cut oatmeal packet
  2. Pour contents into a microwave-safe bowl
  3. The paper packet is also a measuring cup! Fill the empty packet up with water.
  4. Pour water into the bowl
  5. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes
  6. Be careful – the bowl will be HOT! Use a dish towel to remove hot bowl to your dining table.
  7. Add a splash of Almond Milk or any dairy or non-dairy product. This will cool it down a bit and add creaminess.
  8. Stir it up
  9. Top with berries
  10. Add some honey

Enjoy your healthy breakfast instant steel cut oatmeal!

Optional add-ins: Banana, Almonds, Granola, bran cereal for fiber. Get creative!

Do you have quick breakfast ideas for us? Share with us in the comments! We would love to know your ideas!