How to Study for Finals

how to study for finalsThe school year is almost over. No matter what grade you are in, whether it’s middle school, high school or college… you are most likely preparing for FINALS. Ugh, these next few weeks. It’s time to hit the books hard and do your best so that you can finish the year strong! How to study for finals you ask? What do you do to get ready for those test days? Do you get through your study guides, read through your chapters, and review all your notes weeks before finals? Or do you cram the night before?? That can’t be good. It’s not easy to perform in an exhausted state of body and mind. Here are a few tips, that can hopefully help you over the next few weeks. Good luck on your tests!!

How to Study for Finals

Stay Organized!

How to study for finals:

  1. Key word is PREPARE! Don’t wait until the last minute to study. Use every extra moment to review, days or even weeks ahead.
  2. Stay organized. Keep your notecards, journals, study guides, in appropriate binders. Homework on top and ready to turn in to your teacher.
  3. You probably hear the words “Clean your room” from your mom many times. Your room will not only look nicer if you kept your room clean, your mind can function better in a neat room. So keep it neat!
  4. Stay healthy. Eat right. Drink plenty of fluids. Get lots of rest.
  5. Don’t waste time. YouTube and Snapchat can wait. If you cut back on social media and video games/iPhone games, you will have more time to study and get enough rest
  6. Take breaks. Don’t exhaust yourself with hours of studying without a break. Your eyes need it and your brain needs it. This is when you can get to #5 and maybe play a game of (for a few minutes!)
  7. Study buddy – do you have a study partner? You can quiz each other!
  8. Set goals for yourself. Take a look at your grades and see where you’re at. Where do you want to be? Do what it takes to get there!

After finals: Celebrate!