Hanging Polaroids – How to Display Polaroid Pictures

Hanging Polaroids - How to Display Polaroid Pictures

So you got your Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant film camera. By now you probably have stacks of great shots of your friends, your family, your cats, and probably a good selfie or two. You might be wondering then How to display Polaroid pictures? Here are a few options:

1) Get a cork board and pin the pictures to it

2) Get some double sided tape and apply them to your wall or cabinet (careful though, tape may peel off paint or dame furniture

3) Try hanging Polaroids using the Instant Picture Hanging Kit from Skyflux Store

Marissa Wendt from Skyflux created this kit at 12 years old after looking for kits online to hang her Fujifilm pictures. Inspired by room decor and well decoration ideas on tumblr, the Instant Picture Hanging Kit was created.


Each hanging picture kit includes:

  • Hanging string of copper LED lights (3 meters long)
  • 3 meter strand of twine rope
  • 4 wooden push pins
  • 20 wooden small clothesline pins
  • 3 double A batteries (for the lights)
  • 2 Velcro pads to attach the battery case to your wall


Using the push pins provided, attach the twine to the wall.




Remove the Velcro pad.


Apply one side to the wall.


And apply one side to the battery pack.


Intertwine the lights with the twine.


Attach your Instant pics to the twine using clothespins provided.


Adjust spacing to your liking.


Voila: your bedroom now has that tumblr like room decor and your favorite Polaroids are proudly displayed. Customize your kit with your own creative touches like painting or decorating the clothespins to match your room’s color or design.  How do you hang Polaroid pictures?


Skyflux Store caters to girls and women and offers fun products for sale on it website at www.skyfluxstore.com. The Instant Picture Hanging Kit is ideal for anyone with a Polaroid camera or Fujifilm instant camera.