13 Year Old Marissa Wendt Leads New Skyflux Store


Today we launched our online store offering fun products for girls: teens, tweens and women. We are nervous, excited, and hopeful. Here are some insights and thoughts behind our new business, Skyflux Store.

How the Business Started

About a year ago, Marissa Wendt at the age of 12 like many young girls, was scouring the Internet for unique products like a unique backpack, make up products, fashionable clothing, and bath products. Some of the products she bought were displayed in videos on her You Tube channel and as a result friends and fans started asking her where she purchased the items in the videos.

Marissa asked her parents: What we if created an online store selling cool things that girls want? That question lead to brainstorming, countless store visits, crazy ideas, sourcing meetings, marketing meetings, and all the things it takes to start a new business. And so Skyflux Store was born.

Marissa’s parents have experience with running ecommerce businesses, marketing and new business development. So after some careful analysis, the decision became a family one: we decided to go for it and launch the business prior to holiday shopping season in 2015.

Marissa Announcing the New Store

About Marissa

Marissa, now 13, is heavily involved in product merchandising. Who else knows better than what girls want right? Marissa brings not just fashionable creative insights but tremendous ambition and determination.  At the young age of 4 when Marissa started singing and practicing acting in the mirror, she was relentless in asking her parents “How do I get on TV?” After getting some training in commercial acting and a family commitment to support a rigorous audition schedule, Marissa reached her dream landing her first television commercial at 5 years old. After doing some theater acting, recording songs in a studio, teaching herself how to bake and video production, Marissa applied and got accepted to the Orange County School of the Arts, an acclaimed performing arts school in Southern California. Marissa is represented by DDO Artists Agency and Brilliant Talent Management. Marissa’s desire to accomplish big things will certainly be an asset to the business, but it is her genuine caring, thoughtfulness and humility that drives positive engagement with all that come to know her.

What’s with the Name?

Since a very young age Marissa has been fascinated with stars, the moon, and especially sunsets. After some brainstorming sessions, the Wendt family decided on Skyflux for the business name, like a changing sky. Marissa says “the things girls like change all the time“. We like to think that Skyflux symbolizes constant change like trends.
What Can I buy at Skyflux Store?

Recently Marissa discovered Bath Bombs which has become a key product line for Skyflux Store. Girls and women love them! They come in a variety of amazing scents and they’re made with soothing skin care products. Skyflux offers a fun assortment of these fizzy bath soap products. Skyflux also carries some unique products like a Polaroid Picture Hanging Kit (piecing together the items Marissa used in one of her DIY Bedroom Decor videos). To view all of Skyflux products click here. As the business grows, more products will be added over time.

Giving Back

As part of the business model, the Wendts wanted to give back to a worthy cause and decided to support The Live Your Dream Organization, a fantastic online community “empowering offline action, helping women and girls to live their dreams.” Skyflux Store will donate a portion of proceeds from each sale to support this great cause.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this post and for checking out our new online store. Have any questions or comments? Please email us at skyfluxstore@gmail.com or interact with us through our social media channels.

Best regards,
— The Skyflux Store Team